Proposed budget to increase number of poor people: GM Quader

Implementing the budget proposed for FY24 will increase the number of poor people in the country as it does not reflect reality, said Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader. 

The way taxes are levied following the International Monetary Fund’s advice, it will become difficult for the common people to survive, said GM Quader, deputy leader of the opposition in parliament, at a cultural programme organised in the capital on the occasion of the 15th founding anniversary of the Uttara Cultural Society yesterday.

He said the proposed budget cannot be implemented forcefully, because a budget dependent on loans cannot be realised. The government will not be able to collect taxes from people by tying them up, while it will not be easy to get foreign loans.

Moreover, the local banks are already unable to provide loans. The government has to arrange money by printing it. More money will be printed, which will increase inflation. At one point, inflation will be out of control, he continued.

GM Quader further said, “The people are already in a difficult situation, and I do not know what will be their condition if the budget is implemented. Due to the proposed budget, the number of poor people in the country will increase. Those who are respectable as middle class are at risk of becoming poor. The budget will bring a disaster to the country.”

“A circus is going on in the Parliament. We cannot talk about commoners there. Talks about mass people seem irrelevant in Parliament. The country should be freed from such reality,” he added.

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