Garment workers protest demanding arrears, factory reopening in Savar

More than a hundred workers from Panna Textile Limited in Savar’s Khagan area staged a demonstration today, demanding the reinstatement of 300 laid-off workers, payment of arrears, and the reopening of the factory. 

The factory authority had closed the facility on 25 June for Eid holidays without paying the workers’ wages and allowances, claimed the protesting workers.

The workers demanded that their dues be settled according to the law if the factory remains closed. 

Some workers also revealed that the factory had previously terminated about 390 employees without prior notice between 27 and 29 May, leaving their outstanding dues unpaid.

Rafiqul Islam Sujan, the central committee president of Bangladesh Garments and Industrial Workers Federation, urged an immediate reopening of the factory and the rehiring of laid-off workers, along with the payment of all outstanding dues in compliance with the law.

In response to the workers’ claims, the General Manager of Panna Textile Limited, Abdur Razzaque, refuted the allegations as baseless. 

He stated that only a small number of underage workers, not exceeding 20 or 50 people, were dismissed based on the industries ministry’s orders. 

He also claimed that wages have been deposited into the workers’ accounts even today. 

Razzaque pointed out that some trade union leaders might be attempting to create issues.

Regarding the factory closure, Razzaque cited global economic challenges and a surplus of unsold yarn as reasons behind the decision. 

He emphasised that efforts are underway to reopen the factory as soon as possible.

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