Betis stars slam anti-gay abuse over handbag pic

Real Betis stars Aitor Ruibal and Borja Iglesias have both hit back at the anti-gay abuse they received on social media for wearing handbags to a wedding last weekend.

The Betis players attended a wedding of a Betis staff member in Seville, Spain, on Saturday and posted photographs on their Instagram stories. Among the photographs was one in which both posed with other guests while holding their respective handbags.

Both were at the receiving end of vicious attacks on social media for their choice of clothing and accessories.

Ruibal shared several tweets condemning online abuse. The Betis winger tweeted: “After the frustrated attempts by a noisy minority to ridicule my colleague Borja Iglesias and me, in reference to our clothing as well as its supposed link to our sexual orientation, I just want to underline the importance of maintaining respect for any person, regardless of their sexual orientation or of any kind.

“The need, once and for all, to normalise and live together, rejecting and moving away from any type of phobia, to make it possible to live normally in our society.

“Condemn homophobia, which evidently continues to exist to a greater or lesser extent, and fight for its eradication. Those who at this point continue to show behaviours of this type urgently need help. The problem is with them because of their intolerance and their complexes.”

Iglesias applauded Ruibal and added: “Every time these types of situations occur in reference to the phobias that still exist, they give me strength to continue fighting so that everyone can do and enjoy themselves and others as they really want.”

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