43 products to get cash incentives for exports

The government will provide cash incentives for the export of 43 products in the current fiscal year.

The foreign exchange policy department of the Bangladesh Bank (BB) issued a circular in this regard today (24 August). 

The circular stated that 43 products will be given cash incentives against exports in 2023-24 fiscal year.

According to the circular, exporters will receive cash incentives at the rate of 1% to 20% as they received in the past financial year.

Like the previous fiscal year, the export incentive applications will continue to undergo auditing by audit firms approved by the Bangladesh Bank and selected by the respective banks. 

However, if expediting the audit process requires the appointment of additional firms, a formal application must be submitted to the central bank. This application should outline the required number of audit firms, along with the justification and essential details for the decision.

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