Month: February 2022

Thousands Of Russians, Including Celebrities, Are Risking Being Arrested To Protest Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine

Russian celebrities — including athletes, actors, and Eurovision stars — have also publicly denounced the invasion, putting their careers at great risk due to the government’s heavy influence in the entertainment industry. In an Instagram video, popular singer Valery Meladze pleaded for an end to the invasion. “History will be the judge of these events,” […]

Satellite Images Show Russian Military Forces Keep Massing Near Ukraine’s Border

This weekend, Russia’s military held live-fire tank exercises with 1,500 soldiers in those areas and others nearby. The Russian Federal Security Service, the FSB, intercepted a Ukrainian navy vessel in the Sea of Azov that it claimed was carrying out a “provocation.” And Putin, the Kremlin, and the country’s state-run media pumped out more bellicose […]

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